Everything Beautiful in its Time


Everything Beautiful in its Time


Limited Edition Giclee Print
150 units 
12" x 12 7/8"

This is the Biblical text that most expresses my own world view, and gives me a sense of equanimity in spite of the tragedies and calamities that take place around us: Life, with all its contradictions and changes, its sorrows and joys, including a certain element of mystery*-- some things we will never be able to comprehend -- is good and beautiful. We should not allow those incomprehensible, even outrageous, parts of life to prevent us from enjoying our daily work and the simple pleasures that our labor gives us.

The life cycle of an apple, from the sapling at the top, to the blossoming branch on the right, then the fruit at bottom, and finally the uprooted trunk on the left, represents the life cycles and changes we all have to accept in our lives.
(English translation from JPS, 1917)

*The word used here is olam, which is commonly interpreted in this context as ne’elam, the unknown.

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