Learning — Learning — Learning


Learning — Learning — Learning


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Quote by Ahad Ha’am (A. Z. Grinberg) 1856-1927, the father of Spiritual Zionizm

For someone who learnt her profession of calligraphy and illumination late in life, and largely by trial and error, this quote is very meaningful.

The quotes in Hebrew around the border, all dealing with the value and power of learning, are taken from The Book of Legends (edited by Bialik and Ravnitzky), and they read:

1. Who is wise -- he who learns from every person (Pirkey Avot, 4:1).

2. If you have learnt much Torah, do not give yourself airs, for it’s for that purpose that you were created (Pirkey Avot 2:8).

3. …And the study of Torah equals all of these put together (referring to the comparison of Torah study to honoring father and mother; deeds of loving-kindness; and making peace between one person and another. (Pe’ah 1:1).

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