Chupah in Palace


Chupah in Palace

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Limited Edition Giclee Print
50 units for each text
15" x 22"

In 1985 a couple came to me with a photo of their guru’s temple in India, and asked that I incorporate the temple into their ketubah. Having been very influenced and passionate about Persian and Indian miniatures, I was very glad to oblige, and after that, I got the urge to make another palace in that style, which I finished in 1986. Now that the giclee technique allows me to print just a few prints without the huge investment that the lithographic technique required, I’m putting this rather Jewishly unusual image on my website, as a tribute to the Persian and Indian art which shaped my own, and with the thought that someone like that couple might want such a ketubah, mixing a very far-eastern aesthetics with the Jewish custom of a chupah.

Available texts (click below to see examples):

*The Egalitarian and Interfaith texts are available also in gender-neutral version.

Personalized text (names, time, location, etc.) can be added in Naomi's calligraphy for additional $50.

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